Our Brands

Coffeemaxx, Magixx Cheese, Omegamaxx, Macamaxx, Carnomaxx

We have developed brand names for
a few special products to stand out
from the competition.

These are products with special properties. Our brands are:


This is a coffee bean extract that has a particularly high level of caffeine from coffee beans. We have different grades and, depending on the application, we can offer you this product as a powder or a liquid product. Simply decide what level of caffeine you would like to have from the coffee bean, as we can adjust the product to meet your wishes.

Magixx Cheese

This product was created during a private barbecue event. It is a processed cheese preparation that can, for example, be used in bratwurst, and that does not squirt out of the product when the sausage is barbecued.

Magixx Cheese melts slightly, but does not dissolve. The almost “magical” cheese is therefore used in numerous meat and cheese products such as cheese wieners, cheese sausages, cheese patties, cheese salami, and pizza meatloaf. The impressive advantages of Magixx Cheese are its low melting ability and aromatic, well-rounded taste sensation, making it ideal for trend-oriented meat and sausage processing


Maca has been grown at high altitudes in the Peruvian Andes for more than 2,000 years. The plant draws its nutrients from the volcanic soil. We have developed a maca root extract that has positive effects on physical performance and mental resilience. As maca also has a positive effect on sexual performance, it is also marketed as a natural potency product. Our extract is often used in dietary supplements for the reasons mentioned above.


Our rosemary extract Carnomaxx is characterized by its excellent antioxidant effect. It can thus provide your products with effective and long-lasting protection against rancidity. They will thus continue to taste fresh much longer. Our Carnomaxx product bundles the highly effective ingredients (diterpene phenols) in the rosemary leaves, thus providing your product intensive protection against fat oxidation by neutralizing free fatty radicals.

The oxidation process is thereby effectively and persistently delayed. We offer the product as a powder. The level of antioxidant diterpene phenols is at least 24%.


We have developed an oil-soluble linseed extract with a high percentage of alpha-linolenic acid (omega 3), namely 60%. The proportion of saturated fatty acids is less than 10%. This product is ideal for improving the fatty acid composition in foods, functional foods and nutraceuticals. The product also contains a high proportion of natural tocopherol, which has a high antioxidant effect. The tocopherol content is about 70 mg/100g. The product is also cholesterol-free.