Non-alcoholic beverages

Whether energy drink or non-alcoholic mixed beer drink, new non-alcoholic drinks are constantly appearing in the growing markets. For this, you need a partner who can react quickly and flexibly and who can provide you with interesting product ideas. We can supply you with bottled, aseptic raw materials in stainless steel containers.

Share your ideas with us and we’ll take care of the rest. From the orchard to your production line, we’ll organize the supply chain in consultation with you..

Our portfolio includes the development of sodas, non-carbonated soft drinks, near-water products, sports drinks and energy drinks. And you can decide whether you prefer to use ORGANIC or NATURLAND certified raw materials. Looking for a natural source of caffeine? No problem! We can offer you coffee bean extracts, matcha extracts, cola extracts or even guarana extracts with high levels of caffeine.

Or ask us about our Flavored Iced Coffee and Flavored Cold Brew Coffee Premix products.

Alcoholic beverages

Our portfolio includes ready-to-drink cocktails, ready-to-drink long drinks, mixed beers and mixed drinks. Benefit from our many years of experience and be inspired by our ideas. Set new trends. We would be happy to assist you and accompany you from the product idea to the implementation and introduction of your products. Our relatively small size makes us flexible and allows us to implement projects quickly. We have short development times and will come up with ready-to-drink samples for you in no time at all. Whether classic or exotic varieties with acai, guava or papaya, the taste experiences are endless.

The latest taste trend: lavender. Feel free to contact us about our new lavender extract.

Water Plus

How about a black water or water with turmeric, which is highly effective against tooth decay? Interesting, right? We can show you innovative ideas that will help you stand out from the competition. Together with a partner, we can also offer you vitamins or custom-tailored vitamin mixtures. We also have taste-intensive extracts or flavors that we can deliver to you in small quantities. In some cases we can even offer these in ORGANIC and/or NATURLAND quality.

Dairy products & ice cream:

Ice cream is our passion. We offer various vanilla extracts or vanilla blends, with pods from different growing areas. Want to show a certain level of vanilla (ex pod) in your final product? Sure, just let us know how high it should be. We can also offer you intensive strawberry extracts and distillates or cocoa extracts for your ice creams. Looking for yoghurt drink ideas or protein-rich, dairy-free products? No problem, simply contact us. We can use different protein sources or produce protein mixtures out of various proteins.

Two new product developments we also offer are: “Golden Milk”, with turmeric extract, and our “Black Milk” with activated carbon.

Baked goods

Delight your customers with refined, natural ingredients. We can offer you both antioxidant extracts to protect your products or intense flavors to give your products an individual character. For garlic baguettes, we can offer you customized garlic extracts. 

We can also use raw materials from Germany if you like. We invite you to visit the field where your garlic is grown. Would you like your baguette to have an intense butter note? In that case, we have various, bake-stable butter extracts that are also diacetyl-free.


Whether hard or soft caramel, gelatinous or chocolate products, Nutramaxx® covers a wide range of confectionary and can offer you interesting flavor products for this purpose. For example, we have interesting herbal extracts for which you can choose the herbs to be included. Would you like herbs from the Alps, cultivated at over 1,000 m above sea level? No problem. Our portfolio covers numerous flavors and extracts. Want an all-in-one solution that includes both the taste and color? Sure! Aseptic filling gives us a variety of options here.

We can also offer you fruit powder, aroma granules, ready-made fruit preparations, or sugar-free recipes.

Meat and sausage products

Looking for fancy herbal ingredients for your meat and sausage products? We can offer you antioxidant extracts, such as rosemary or sage extracts. Looking to give your product that final touch? Try our garlic, chili or onion extracts. How about a smoky note in your product? No problem, we have intensive extracts that can give your product precisely that note.

Or use our lupine protein to significantly improve your product’s mouthfeel, such as considerable enhancing your boiled sausage.

Snacks, soups and sauces

Years of market experience paired with technology allow us to show you intriguing concepts for snacks, soups and sauces. In doing so, we not only focus on the taste, but also draw on our expertise with texture and mouthfeel. 

As usual, we place priority on selected natural raw materials from different vegetable protein sources. We are happy to use herbal antioxidants such as rosemary or sage extracts to help stabilize these products. How about a smoky note in your product? No problem either.