is often referred to as the basic material of all life. Its basic structure consists of different amino acids. Since the body cannot store proteins, they must be continuously supplied.

nutramaxx® offers you proteins
from various plant sources.

They are listed below:

Lupine protein
Pea protein
Potato protein
Rice protein
Soy protein
Almond protein
Pumpkin protein
Chia protein
Coconut protein
Quinoa protein
Hemp protein
Algae protein

The above-mentioned products are also available in organic quality as isolates or, in some cases, as concentrates.

Protein extraction from insects

Together with our cooperation partners, we are working on a program to extract proteins from insects. Consumers are not yet accustomed to using insects as a source of food. This will likely change over the next few years, as far as we can tell.

The legal framework for this also gradually being put in place. All the better. After all, insect protein is an environmentally friendly protein substitute that also covers a wide range of amino acids.