Our specialties

Nature provides the basis for our product inspirations, from which we then develop our innovative products. We rely on sources of supply around the globe and find interesting products for our customers, from regional to exotic.

Some of our specialties are listed below:

  • Alpine herbal extract from herbs grown in the Alpine region at over 1,000 meters above sea level
  • Butter extract (diacetyl-free)
  • Turmeric extract (xanthorrhizol)
  • Peanut extract (allergen-free)
  • Fennel extract (low in estragol)
  • Meat and fish extracts (beef, pork, game, chicken, lamb, mussel and salmon)
  • Hops extracts
  • Cocoa extracts with various roasted notes
  • Coffee extracts with various roasted notes and/or levels of caffeine
  • Garlic and onion extracts from Germany’s area of cultivation
  • Herbal extracts with customized composition
  • Lavender extract
  • Lemongrass extract
  • Malt extracts
  • Maté extracts with different levels of caffeine
  • Pistachio extract (allergen-free)
  • Vanilla extracts (Tahiti, India, Bourbon and Uganda)
  • Violet root and violet leaf extract

nutramaxx is aware of the variety of beneficial processing methods and offers the following technologies:

mixing, grinding, granulating, micronizing, emulsifying, aseptic filling of stainless steel containers and encapsulation. If you prefer, we can also produce your products as contract manufacturers according to your specifications.

Thanks to our participation in a partner company, we can also offer you beverage contract bottling in PET, glass and aluminum cans from quantities from 500 pieces.