Best Quality

Every day we meet the increasing demands on quality.

Consumers can get informed quickly and comprehensively and demand that food manufacturers do everything they can to ensure taste, shelf life and safety.

Consumers pass on this demand to retailers, and these, in turn, to our customers. Then we enter picture. Nutramaxx constantly gives its best to improve the quality of our products. In doing so, we work together with external service providers such as institutes and certifiers to ensure first-class results.

We not only have natural resources,
but also raw materials from certified
organic farms.

In addition, our customers can also find regionally produced
raw materials and, more recently, NATURLAND certified raw
materials. This includes, for example, our citrus and
spice extracts.

To live up to this, both internally and externally,

the production site Erftstadt has been repeatedly certified according to IFS since 2008. Most recently, in 2016, we again received an IFS Food 6 Certification at a high level.